The Healthy Drum Circle

Designed for Senior Citizens

  • Populations Served:  Well Seniors, Seniors with Dementia

  • Appropriate for:  Creative Expression, Joy Building

  • An Interactive and Dynamic Rhythm-Based Drum Circle for Nursing Homes and Rehabilitation Centers

    The Healthy Drum Circle is a fun and interactive one hour recreational drum circle designed for residents of nursing homes and rehabilitation centers.  
    We provide a unique and empowering rhythm-based recreational wellness drum circle utilizing rhythm instruments, circle drums and rhythm games.  Through this program, residents experience a positive, experiential, dynamic and healthful program.

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  • This interactive one-hour drum circle is divided into two 30 minute sections. The initial 30 minute section involves residents receiving two hand held shakers.  Each participant is invited to play their shakers to familiar music from the 30s through the 50s. Simple rhythms are played while listening to the music of Frank Sinatra, Nat King Cole, Gene Kelly, Judy Garland and many others. The musical selection can be adapted to your population, and in addition to part of their monthly programming, some clients request the drum circle during various holidays to create an interactive experience for residents. For instance, musical selections are then geared towards particular holidays (i.e., Valentines Day music, July 4th Patriotic song music, etc.)

    In the final 30 minute period, residents are provided with small circular drums and a hand held mallet. In this second portion, participants are invited to play their drums to more upbeat music. Depending on the population, various simple rhythm patterns are taught.  Residents are invited to play their drums to bands such as The Beatles, Elvis Presley, The Temptations, James Brown, The Four Tops and others. Musical selections vary per visit, and selections may be requested prior to the visit.

    Nursing homes and rehabilitation centers have introduced this program to residents, ranging from well adults, to those with a range of psychological and physiological challenges, including mild and moderate Alzheimers Disease.

    In addition to the psychological benefits of mood enhancement, and improved community interaction, residents also gain physical benefits including improved upper body muscle tone and movement, improved circulation, and lowered stress levels.

    Some of the current nursing homes and rehabilitation centers utilizing this program include the Bronx Center for Rehabilitation, Cliffside Nursing Home, Fairview Nursing Home, Far Rockaway Nursing Home, Forest Hills Nursing Home, Franklin Center for Rehabilitation, Midway Nursing Home, Parker Institute for Rehabilitation, The Grand Nursing and Rehabilitation Center, among others. All of the above sites, include this rhythm-based program as part of their monthly regimen of activities for their residents.

    “…(this) dynamic and interactive program should be considered for all nursing homes and rehab centers due to its positive effect on the residents.”

    Health official from the Department of Health (during a city health inspection)

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    Drumming Events Healthy Drum workshop