The Healing Power of the Drum

Designed for Health and Healing

Program designed to demonstrate the power of drumming for wellness

Recent articles in U.S. News and World Report cite research from Barry Bittman, M.D. confirming that hand drumming both boosts the body’s immune system but also lowers stress and reduces burnout.

In this powerful drumming program, learn how simple hand drum rhythms can be used to attain psychological, physiological and spiritual well-being. Experience how the hand drum can be used to release anger, create joy, alter brain rhythms, create community, nhance communication and achieve deep and sacred healing. You will discover how to use the drum to promote health and well-being.

This workshop leads to deeper levels of healing and release through drumming with conscious intention. Robert takes each participant on a journey using meditations, rhythm exercises, games and dialogues. You are given time to explore while you are led to your inner child, who is invited to “come out and play.” All levels of experience are welcome. Using rhythms and community development techniques, participants learn to express their individual voice and then come together in community.

Stress Solutions drumming workshop

Appearance of Robert L. Friedman on the Alive and Wellness Show from Robert Lawrence Friedman on Vimeo

Who Can Benefit from this workshop?

    • Human resource personnel
    • Health care providers
    • Educators
    • Music therapists
    • Drum circle facilitators
    • Mental health workers
    • Team building facilitators
    • Drummers


“On the morning of November 9, 2009, I was scheduled to attend a program on drumming program offered at New York hospital.  As Robert Lawrence Friedman led us through the various drumming games, I found my senses awakening.  Everyone in the room was making beautiful music — together.  After the program, I walked back to my office, I needed to contain my euphoria.  I met the usual challenges of that workday with a sense of power that I had never before experienced.  I was balanced and knew that nothing could topple me.  I was immune to stress.  I was calm, confident and euphoric.  I am now looking forward to spending the rest of my life drumming.  Thank you!”

Maria Burns, Director of Volunteer Services