• Venues: Corporate Retreats

  • Population served: Adults, Young Adults

  • Are you looking for an exciting new party idea? Create a Party that you will never forget.

    The Drumming Celebration is a fun, interactive entertainment experience in which you will play exciting exciting games using drums with your guests. No knowledge of drumming is necessary and all drums and rhythm instruments are provided. Hysterically funny “rhythm rhymes” can be custom-created for any individuals being recognized. The Drumming Celebration uses drums from around the world to build teams, reduce stress and create an incredible event.

    This program is available for corporate events, reunions, weddings, theme parties, Bar Mitvahs, Bas Mitvahs, Graduation parties, holiday parties, Parties, Reunions, Channukah Parties, and many others.  All events are custom-designed. Rhythmic party favors are available.

  • Drumming Celebration

  • Components of the Celebration

    Rhythm Games

    In addition to drumming, guests are invited to vocalize nonsensical rhythm words (scat) in an atmosphere of humor and playfulness. These exercises help guests to experience the magic of rhythm through their voices. These exercises often ease the concerns that some individuals may have about expressing themselves rhythmically.

    Personal Musical Expression

    Using a variety of percussion instruments such as congas, log drums, ashikas, dumbeks , frame drums, djembes and other rhythm instruments, participants are led through numerous musical exercises, including the experience of the drum circle, rhythm and dance, and numerous creative games. Each participant is encouraged to freely and creatively express him or herself.

    Rhythm Skits

    During certain rhythm breaks, your guests will be entertained with skits designed to inspire the rhythm and playfulness of the audience.

    Your Creation

    Based on the make-up of your guests and the focus of your function, The Drumming Celebration will be tailored to meet your needs. Whether for parties or corporate events, The Drumming Celebration will combine the powerful traditions of the past with the innovations of the contemporary to create a memorable event.

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    Drumming Celebration 3


“The entire Drumming Celebration group really worked hard to get everyone involved — and they were successful! They devised a hilarious rap song about employees in our company — an example of how they went the “extra mile” for us. Robert Lawrence Friedman really is willing to go out on a limb to make things work well. He and his group do their ‘homework’ and it is evident when they perform. Their concept is a unique choice for entertainment at any event!”
Jon Lieb, Senior Account Executive